Group Training

Regular group classes help you to achieve your goals.



Getting out and beginning a session is sometimes the hardest thing about working out. When you hire a Blue Mountains Fitness Personal Trainer it gives you the added commitment and accountability to attend your fitness sessions.
Blue Mountains Fitness provides many different group exercise classes such as:

High Intensity Circuit Training
Spin and Cardio machine workouts
Guided Walks
Bootcamp Workouts
We will provide you with constant encouragement, motivation, exercise guidance, nutrition advice and challenges along your journey.

We will kickstart your new lifestyle by making exercise a healthy habit that you will become addicted to. The trainers will listen to you; provide motivation to you when energy levels are low, make the sessions fun. You will be challenged but we make sure there is always time for a laugh each session.


  • Casual
  • $1650/session
  • Pay Per Session
  • Regular
  • $300/20 session
  • Regular 20 Session pass





Tony works in a way that is both challenging and motivating at the same time. He just has that special knack that is not aggressive but nor does he let you ‘off the hook’. I really appreciate that. Sometimes it is actually what you need in this situation when it is easy to invent excuses for why you are not reaching your goals. Also he injects humour which is also a good skill in such a context! It is also a great and friendly group with everyone working hard for themselves. It is a revelation that I am consistently getting up in the dark cold mountain mornings to come to class. So that speaks for itself to me. – Libby Ellis