Jen Whitehouse

I reached middle age and realised that I had become very unhealthy and needed to change my lifestyle in many ways. After 6 months of training, commencing long distance running with my husband, and changing some bad habits, I lost 20kg and felt much healthier and capable of doing so many things and I successfully completed my first half marathon.

In 2014 I decided that being a Personal Trainer was something that I wanted to do to assist others set and achieve health and fitness goals, regardless of their age, gender or current level of fitness.

My goal as a trainer is to help others be the healthiest person they can be, and prevent the onset of chronic diseases that are so prevalent in society today.

I am now very fortunate to own the Plus Fitness 24/7 Katoomba gym and work with Tony and his team from Blue Mountains Fitness to assist others to realise their health and fitness potential.