9am Buddy Group Session
6pm Stretch/Pilates Class

7am Bodyshape Bootcamp
8am Buddy Group Session
6pm HIT Group Session

9am Buddy Group Session
6pm Kickstart Circuits
6.30pm Cardio Boxing Class

7am Bodyshape Bootcamp
8am Buddy Group Session
6pm HIT Group Session

6.30am Run Group
8am Run Group
9am Buddy Group Session

8am Bodyshape Bootcamp


Our High Intensity Training (HIT)  Sessions are the next step up from Bootcamp. The HIT Sessions are suitable for weight loss clients and athletes. Each sessionis tailored to the group bookings. A wide range of abilities can be trained during the sessions. Buddy PT Pricing applies. Bookinsg Essential.

HIT for Weight Loss /Toning Clients – Building Lean Muscle Mass is essential in any weight loss/toning program. Building muscle mass increases your Basal Metabolic Rate so you burn more calories at rest throughout the day. The increased muscle will tone the body and lift and shape as you lose the weight.

HIT for Athletes – A lot of athletes develop weaknesses and imbalances, which in turn results in niggling injuries and soreness. We have tailored this program for those who want to improve their strength and conditioning and avoid injuries.

Gym weights and cardio circuits to help you lose weight and get fit – proven results, social and great fun! Suitable for all abilities. Progressive and Regressive exercises to suit all fitness levels. $16.50 Casual or 20 Visits for $300 (no time limit)

A 30 minute circuit class for all abilities. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a well trained athlete our Trainers will give you a great workout if you only have 30 minutes to spare. $10 Casual or 10 for $75 (no time limit)

High energy boxing and cardio class designed for fun whilst getting a great workout! No boxing experience neceassary and suitable to all fitness levels. $16.50 Casual or 12 Class Program $165 – next program starts 1 June 2016

Our Run Groups are suitable to all fitness levels. Whether you are training for your first Park Run or a 100km Uktra Marathon this session will help you achieve your goals. Buddy PT Rates apply.

We also offer FREE Run Groups – these are advertised weekly in our email flyer. If you wish to be added to the flyer email list please contact us at

The BUDDY GROUP, HIT SESSIONS, RUN GROUPS use the BUDDY PT one hour session pricing structure. 2 people – $35 each, 3 people $25 each, 4 people $20, 5+ people $16.50 each.